The Hopeful Homesteader

The Hopeful Homesteader

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Upcoming Projects

We've all been sick the last week and haven't really gotten much done since it's been cold and raining, so I thought I'd talk about a few of our upcoming projects to kind of give a sneak peak of whats to come.

Project 1: Front Porch

Since we aren't able to turn the existing "addition" into a dining room we've decided to take it back to a porch. We've already moved the door back into the original place but we still have to remove all the spray insulation and tin from it. I'm not looking forward to that task but it's the next project we'll be tackling, most likely Monday or Tueday.

Front Porch as it is now.

Project 2: Chicken Coop

Since Macy and Buttercup wont stay in the pen and have become porch dogs, quite easily I might add, we have the chain link fence area to be able to use for a chicken run and we plan on building our chicken coop right next to it in the style of the one picture here.

The chain link dog fence area will become the chicken run.

Hubby assures me that we already have all the materials and we will begin building this week!!! Yay!

Project 3: Greenhouse

Awhile back on craigslist I was fortunate enough to find a bunch of free storm windows and we had to store them at my mother-in-laws house until we moved. This week we finally got them moved over here and we plan to start building it very soon.

The makings of a FREE greenhouse!

Through all the moving we've had to do only one window got cracked.
 So there's a small sneak peak of what our next few weeks will be consumed by. We hope to have it all completed before Thanksgiving.

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