The Hopeful Homesteader

The Hopeful Homesteader

Friday, December 16, 2011

I remember now why I didn't want pets.

Don't take me wrong, I love Patches, Buttercup, and even rambunctious Macy, with all my heart but this week each one of the animals has decided to remind me of the reasons why, for so many years, I swore I wouldn't have pets.

Patches has been having a few issues with worms over the past month, which we've treated her for both with medication and adding pumpkin seeds to her food. She perked back up after the treatment and we continued to give her the seeds as a precaution as well.

Tuesday night she began acting funny again, rubbing her head against everything (not usual for her), meowing loadly and almost literally jumping off the walls. I tried everything I knew to comfort her but nothing worked.

I went to go outside to get something from the van and she darted right out the door! Now you should know that the first week we moved in she got outside and was attacked by another cat in the neighborhood. Then about two weeks ago she got outside and Macy and Buttercup, (okay mostly it was Macy) ran her up a tree. It took us 5 hours to get her out of the tree and hasn't even offered to go outside since.

Now here it is, Friday morning, and there has been no sign of her since. I've been crying for days. Everytime something reminds me of her I tear up. I miss her terribly and am so worried that she wont return.

Wednesday morning, the hubby went out to make sure the kids had fed and watered the dogs, they are new to having pets and have to be reminded sometimes. A few minutes later he comes running into the house yelling, "Somethings wrong with Buttercup!"

I dash outside to see what's going on and find her laying on her side eyes huge as saucers and rolling up in her head with blood on her.  On closer inspection she had a dime sized wound on her swollen muzzle that was the source of the blood and her body was not exactly rigid but very stiff. I scooped water by the handfuls into her mouth for a bit and she perked up. I think now that the stiffness and the eye rolling was due to her being scared rather than anything else, the lady that gave her to us informed us that she had been abused by someone before she had gotten her and she frightens easily. After about two hours or so she seemed completely fine and has had no problems since but there for a bit we thought we were going to lose her.

Thursday afternoon, I was on the phone with my mother-in-law when the hubby comes in from outside and says, "You're gonna have to come help me." He was carrying a bowl of water and a bloody washcloth. I quickly hung up and went out to see what was going on now.

Macy is laying on the porch and there is a large amount of blood pool under her front left paw. After we cleaned her up the best we could, she wouldn't let us mess with it much, the best we could tell was that she had cut her paw on something.

We got the bleeding slowed but not completely but she wouldn't let us mess with it so we waiting until my son, Devin, got home. Macy is his dog and she will let that boy do just about anything with her.

When he got home he was able to get a closer look at her paw and found that there is a very large spot on her paw where the skin is completely gone. Luckily there was nothing in it that needed removing though.

We lost numerous family pets when I was a child and this week has definately reminded me of why I always said I never wanted pets. They are just too hard on the heart.

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