The Hopeful Homesteader

The Hopeful Homesteader

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Time of the Year

First and foremost, I wish to apologize for not blogging in a few weeks. I can only attempt to explain the reasons why.

Aside from the death in the family, with the holidays coming it has been extremely hectic around here. We enjoyed a wonderful visit from one of my sisters, Faith, whom I haven't been able to see in many years. I truely hope that it isn't as long between the next time we are able to see each other.

Also, with Christmas looming, I have been hard at work making presents for my family. I would post pictures but I don't want to spoil the surprise so they will have to wait for now but I will post pictures after Christmas has passed.

We were able to can several items. We got a great deal on some apples and tomatoes so we were able to put up applesauce, apple jelly, apple butter, as well as tomatoes so we haven't been completely slacking. ;)

Since I blogged last I have also decided to go back to school, thanks to some serious nudging from Faith. I will be starting classes in January to further my nursing education so I might be a bit slower on blogging than before but since it is winter here in Alabama, and I haven't yet been able to get any animals and the garden must wait til spring, there really isn't much to blog about on the homestead front.

So although I may be slower in posting I am still dedicated to creating a chronicle of our adventures into homestead and now there will be the added topics of going back to college as I close in on my fourties! Stay tuned for the shinanigans all!


  1. OMG!!!! Deb I am soooo proud of you! I cant believe that Faith accomplished what I have been trying to accomplish for so long though LOL. This is GREAT news! We should really compare our programs set online study times and do this together. I wish I lived closer to you. Going through RN school with my sister would be so awesome, not to mention the smartest one in the class would be my study partner :) I couldnt fail. You are going to do fine and I am so excited for you. I really miss you guys! Call me and let me know what classes your taking in Jan.

  2. Im proud of you for your choice to go back to school. Don't worry about your age, its just a number when it comes to higher learning. It will be tough for a while, but I know you can do it. Also, I've had your apple butter and its awesome.

  3. Denna we had a death in the family this past year too it has seriously impacted so much between that and my health problems in 2009 I am just cleaning out my closet for the first time since about then so I completely understand the great thing about this journey is we can keep truckin' and I am glad to be on the journey with you!