The Hopeful Homesteader

The Hopeful Homesteader

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Busy, busy, busy…

We've been hard at work every week trying to get the house to a livable state. Devin and I are enjoying the time together and working with each other.

The house that we’re buying has been sitting empty for nearly two years.

It turns out that the lady that used to own the house is someone I used to work with many years ago. Sad to say that a few years ago she had a stroke and had to move closer to town, and has since passed away.

When she moved to town she took only the necessities with her and when she passed away and the years since things that have been left in the house has been gone through by various family members gathering their memories. However, much has been left behind and has since come to me as the new owner of the house .


She obviously passed the time with puzzles.



There’s tons of stuff to go through before we can ever even get to work on the house.


Even the shed is full of items to plunder through and see what’s what.

Once we cleared out the clutter from the house, (okay moved quite a bit of it to the shed to go through later) we really got to work.

We started in the back of the house and first got Devin’s room all cleared out.

Then we moved on to my room. The water bed is quite a conundrum as to how to get it out of here. The mattress still has quite a bit of water in it and is a little to much for us to get out just yet. 20151011_121153

Since we had to give up on moving out the waterbed for now we decided to start getting rid of some of the carpet.



And under all that dirty, old carpet…


…very old linoleum.

But finally we have a blank slate to start from.


We still have quite a ways to go but we’re slowly working our way into what I believe will turn out to be a very nice home.

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